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Our Approach

Founder, Marcia BattatNapa Valley Music Associates was founded in 1990 and incorporated as a California non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation in 1991. History has proven that the majority of great performers of the world were prodigies as youngsters, or children who were fortunate to receive their musical training on a high quality level. In most cases, ALL music students have equal potential. What makes one superior to another is the right exposure, as well as professional training.


Over the last 30 years we have successfully educated and inspired music students beginning at 3 years of age through adulthood We are currently providing weekly lessons through Zoom and FaceTime on violin/viola, cello, string bass, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe, flute, flugelhorn, trumpet, trombone, french horn, guitar, voice, drums/percussion and harp.

We would like to expand our instruction to include String, Woodwind and Brass Ensembles, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Drumming Circle Workshops as well as concert performances, masterclasses, and our annual MidSummer MusiCamp. These programs are only possible with additional space and a permanent home for our Conservatory of Music. We are also planning to include a new and important program to introduce young children to learn about and appreciate the Art of Opera. Our continuing partnerships with professional musicians, other non-profit music groups and local schools we can create a stronger and more effective platform for our students to become the best musicians.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help us at this time with a tax-deductible donated building space in Napa. Please contact us for further details at 707-322-8402.


Get Involved!


If you have the expertise, time and interest we are requesting your information on the following needs for Napa Valley Music Associates:

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  • Bookkeeper

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Your generous tax deductible donation will help us continue to bring quality music enrichment for both youth and adults now and in the future. Thank you!

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"Our son has taken clarinet with Napa Valley Music Associates for more than a year and we have found his instructor to be knowledgeable, professional and courteous. The music lessons have been a great supplement to his middle school band program."
~ C.B.

"Finding Napa Valley Music Associates was like a gift! My son, Christopher learned how important it is to work hard, practice, and be creative, which encouraged his drive to improve and learn new things. His experience with NVMA did definitely enrich his life in many ways."
~ Louise Vogt

"Thank you Marcia for Napa Valley Music Associates. I am very thankful I found my way to your Conservatory of Music! As a late starter for my violin quest you have been encouraging, helpful with great resources for many things Inever knew I would need and have provided me with the best violin instructor through Katrina Wreede that I believe I can have. I am enjoying every minute of my instruction. Your Conservatory of Music is a true gift to our community."
~ Pam Rogers

"Our son has been studying the violin with Ms. Katie for 4 years now. Not only has he improved greatly but has also truly enjoyed his time with his teacher. I would recommend Napa Valley Music Associates Conservatory of Music to anyone who is interested in developing their musical talents."
~ Laura P.

"Our twin daughters, 9 years old, are taking voice lessons from Napa Valley Music Associates Conservatory of Music. Their teacher, Nicole Birkland has been outstanding even on Zoom at this time. Her interaction and making it exciting and fun and her magical voice is a great inspiration for our girls. They have made tremendous progress at every lesson."
~ G.G. and JCB

Grace-Antoinette: "Nicole is the best teacher ever because she always has a smile on her face which makes me smile too."

Honoree-Josephine: "Nicole is the best teacher I have ever had because she encourages me to sing better and also gives me the confidence that I can do it. Our lessons are 30 minutes long, but I feel like I could go for hours."

"Our son has participated in Napa Valley Music Associates MidSummer MusiCamp for 3 years and has always had fun. All students have opportunities to be taught by professional musicians who teach various instruments to give children this experience and opportunity, I recommend a grant for Napa Valley Music Associates so that this wonderful art can continue, which is dying in most of our schools today."
~ Nancy Baty

"Our daughter has been taking flute lessons through Napa Valley Music Associates Conservatory of Music for 18 months now and we are very pleased. Her instructor is a very pleasant, professional and has a true passion for teaching music."
~ Kevin and Lorrie Walsh