Providing unique, outstanding Music Programs to the Napa Valley

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Providing quality, year-round, weekly, individual training for children and adults at all levels of ability including beginning. taught by top professional performing artists and experienced teachers including: Voice-Piano-Strings-Woodwinds-Double Reeds-Brass-Guitar-Bass-Ukulele-Drums/Percussion-Harp.Students must have their own instruments.

All students are encouraged to participate in at least one recital during the year to develop self-confidence and performance experience and be able to move to the next level of achievement. Opportunities are available for ensembles and small group instruction on some instruments when students are at the intermediate -advanced levels. Weekly instruction is offered at 30-45-60 minutes depending on the level of advancement of the student.

Performances / Concerts

Special concert performances are presented in:
"Autumn Winds": Dates/Locations TBA
"Holiday Showcase" and "Mozart in Napa Valley" celebration of Mozart's birthday
Dates/Locations TBA
"Spring Into Strings" and "Talent Showcase"
Dates/Locations TBA

These concerts feature nationally and internationally acclaimed artists and are presented at various locations including Napa Valley College Performing Arts Center, Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, Churches, and Retirement Homes to benefit and enrich the community with outstanding, unique programs for all ages. If you wish to be added to our data base and become informed about our upcoming events please contact: Napa Valley Music Associates at 707-322-8402 or email us.


Workshops especially designed for In-School Assemblies for K-12 may be arranged and scheduled for students interested in learning various aspects of technique and musicianship conducted by our professional teachers. Specially designed workshops include Dalcroze Eurhythmics open to pre-K-adults and is enriching as well for professional musicians, teachers, conductors, music therapists, actors and dancers. It is taught by a Dalcroze specialist trained for this special program.

Annual MidSummer MusiCamp

Each summer a three week MusiCamp is held for students who are enriched with a musical experience not included during their school year. These highly specialized programs are fun, motivating and bring a colorful and creative experience to each student. Guests musicians are invited to perform for the MusiCamp to enrich and expand the horizons of all students. Our dedicated and experienced teachers build and carefully nurture the talents and abilities of each student. The MusiCamp will conclude with a performance/demonstration by all participants. (see Calendar)


Masterclasses are presented for intermediate-advanced students of all ages interested in gaining experience and learning how to improve their skills in singing or on an instrument. Master teachers are invited to teach and direct the Masterclass which will culminate in a performance by all participants.

"It is not enough to teach children to interpret music with their fingers . . . the important thing is that the child should learn to feel music not only with his ear but with his whole being."

Emile Jaques-Dalcroze